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Origin of RAD Dice & Gaming: A Legacy of Love

Rena Alexas Delmater, the RADest woman I have ever known.

RAD Begins in Love: A RAD and Crafy Woman

My fellow dice goblins, dragons, and adventurers,

These gaming accessories are made for someone near and dear to my heart, my first wife Rena. RAD is more than just a word for this company. They are Rena’s initials. She was a gamer like us. We met role-playing and continued it over the nine years together, including the four we were married. She loved to make things of all kinds. Jewelry, knitting, crochet, painting models, and anything else she tried. She had a gift. She passed away due to cancer on 12/8/2018. It was the hardest thing I’ve endured.

Making A Legacy

The year my wife passed, she worked on dragon scale dice bags for all of our friends. She was very crafty, and I am far from her equal. So I gave it some thought and realized I had bought Rena a 3D printer for her birthday in 2016. After some searching, I found a 3D model for a dragon egg dice holder. It was perfect. I put my printer to work night and day and over the next month printed a clutch of dragon eggs for the same friends who would have received dragon scale dice bags from her. They were all so supportive that I decided to get my file, as that one is non-commercial, and create this company as another way to honor my wife. She would have loved these dragon eggs. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business, and I wanted to do it with her by my side. While she may be gone, her love of gaming and encouragement from my fiance inspired his company to come to life.

Enduring Love and Charitable Goals

I also started a charity called The Good Left Undone in her honor. The mission is to create memorial projects for those who lost loved ones or finish a project if they could not in life. In doing so, we seek to leave no good left undone. I have been trying to rebuild my life and help others where I can. I have a fiance who understands what I am trying to do and is supportive.

Rena loved unicorns, dragons, and mythical creatures and we both loved purple. That is why the RAD logo was designed to incorporate the unicorn heard.

So Much More Than A Name

So you see, RAD Dice & Gaming is more than a start-up for me; it’s a legacy. That is why 10% of our profits will always help fuel The Good Left Undone and other charities. So when people buy one of our eggs, I thought they should know that they are created with love and purpose. They are the final gifts from my wife to help me fulfill a dream.

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A RAD Re-Launch and Upcoming Events!

New Site Who Dis?

RAD is back with a new look and 3 new events coming up this fall! is our new URL and our old site ( will redirect to this site for all future updates. While our old host served us well initially we are navigating to this new hosting for more control, enhanced features, and better content management!

Events of Fall 2021

These announcements include our inclusion in 3 conventions in the fall of 2021:

Tampa Bay Comic Con: July 30th to Aug 1st

MEGACON: August 12th to 15th

Gen Con: September 16th to 19th

Please keep an eye out for more content and events on our new site! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

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