RAD is more than a name, it is a legacy of LOVE

My fellow dice goblins, dragons, and adventurers,


I wanted to give all of you some insight into why I started this. These gaming accessories are made for someone special and dear to my heart, my wife. RAD is more than just a word for this company, they were my wife Rena’s initials. She was a gamer like us. We actually met role-playing and continued it over the nine years we were together including the four we were married. You guys would have liked our wedding, it was pirate-themed and amazing. She loved to make things of all kinds. Jewelry, knitting, crochet, painting models, and anything else she tried. She had a gift. I lost her suddenly to cancer about a year and a half ago. It was the hardest thing I’ve endured.



In her honor, I started a charity called the Good Left Undone. The mission is to create memorial projects for those who lost loved ones or to finish a project if they were not able to in life. In doing so we seek to leave no good left undone. I have been trying to rebuild my life and help others where I can. I have a girlfriend who understands what I am trying to do and is supportive. She pointed out that there was something that I had missed. A project for Rena that I had not even considered.


The year that she passed, she had been working on dragon scale dice bags for all of our friends and gaming group. She was very crafty and loves to make things you see. And that I am far from her equal. My girlfriend said, “If you cannot do that, what can you do to finish her project?” I gave it some thought and realize that I had bought Rena a 3D printer for her birthday 2 years ago. With a little bit of searching, I found a 3D model for a dragon egg dice holder. It was perfect. I put my printer to work day in and day out and over the course of the next month printed a clutch of dragon eggs for the same friends she wanted to make the bags for. I shared the pictures with all of you, though I realize you did not know the full context. You were also supportive that I decided I would get my own file, as that one is non-commercial, and create this company as another way to honor my wife. She would have loved these dragon eggs just as all of you do. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business and I wanted to do it with her by my side. While she may be gone, her love of gaming and encouragement from my girlfriend inspired his company to come to life.

So you see RAD Dice and Gaming is more than a start-up for me, it’s a legacy. That is why 10% of our profits will always go to help fuel the good left undone and other charities. After all, she was always very generous. So when people buy one of our eggs, I thought they should know that these eggs are created with love and purpose. They are final gifts from my wife, help me fulfill a dream. By the encouragement, I received from all of you I have put that dream in motion.


These dragon eggs are created with a legacy of care and love that you now know. I hope they bring joy to you and yours whether you are getting them for yourself or a loved one. They are the thing of dreams made manifest and by getting one of these eggs you are a part of that story.


Thank you for reading for those who made it through, know that I love you all and appreciate this community for their support.

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