Eldritch Horror Egg Dice Holder

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The Order of RAD soothsayers have foretold of an eldritch corruption.  More importantly, this corruption will take root in Chromatic and Metallic Dragons, alike. Of course, these eggs will hold two sets of your favorite dice. Just like their uncorrupted kin.

If you choose to add dice you may do so for only $10 we will include 2 sets of dice curated by our staff to match your new egg! You may want to have dice that have weighty importance instead. We can accommodate with our Deluxe Metal Dice option for $40 more for 2 sets. Either dice will come encased in your egg on delivery if you so choose.

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Red, Black, Green, White, Blue, Gold Silk, Silver Silk, Copper Silk, Bronze Silk, Brass Silk

1 review for Eldritch Horror Egg Dice Holder

  1. Mike Richardson

    I bought one of these at Gen Con. It’s awesome! The magnets line up well and as a table top dice storage device I think you’d have a hard time finding something this cool.

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